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We have 4 main fundraisers throughout the year


Adopt-A-Grade: parents sponsor by donating money to a grade of their choosing along with a specific program, the library or computer lab. 


Square Art: students complete a drawing in class and MPC sends that art off to a company called Square Art, where the art is placed on a variety of fun items like mugs, stickers, coasters, etc. Parents can then purchase those items with their kids artwork on them as gifts for the holidays.  

Read-A-Thon: raises money for our school while encouraging and rewarding students for reading. Strong reading skills are key to educational success and this gets students involved and excited about books and other reading materials. Friends and family to pledge a dollar amount for the amount of pages or books read. 

Chicken in a Barrel: this amazing community event is our biggest and most important fundraising event of the year. Parents, businesses, and the community rallies to put on this end of the year community event. 

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